Dog Training – Braintraining For Dogs

My name is Adrienne Farricelli, and I’m a licensed CPDT-KA trained dog trainer who has spent the last ten years teaching people how to raise well-behaved, loyal, and nurturing pets by showing them how to pull out their dog’s “secret intellect.”

Any dog, regardless of breed, possesses a secret intellect.

It’s an under-utilised resource that can help you get rid of almost any annoying behaviour.

I’m going to show you how to QUICKLY eradicate any behavioural issue… no matter how entrenched you think it is… Regardless of the breed of dog you have.

If that piques your interest, I’m certain you’ll find this letter extremely useful…

“Because I’m about to teach you a dog training technique that took me ten years to master (and tens of thousands of dollars to learn) – a PROVEN “Battlefield-Tested” system for developing an extremely well-behaved, knowledgeable dog that obeys your every order!”

What Sets My Dog Training System Apart…

Most dog training programs currently struggle to engage and improve the dog’s maturity on a mental basis. Many problem patterns actually vanish when given adequate sensory stimulus. Below, I’ll explain why.


Since they never fix the root cause of your dog’s troublesome behaviour, most dog training methods fail you and your dog. They just teach you a cookie-cutter method to avoid biting, chewing, or barking, which is at best ineffective in the long run because it does not solve the underlying source of the issue


The majority of dog training systems use OUTDATED dominance and force tactics. According to the most recent study, this does not work. My techniques are non-aggressive and compassionate. They use the most up-to-date evidence of dog behaviour testing to help you and your dog form a close relationship and instill optimistic feelings in your dog rather than fearful ones. They merely promote the desired attitudes.


Many online dog training services are created by PHONEYS with no certifications… This is risky, since using the incorrect methods will result in problem behaviours. This is risky, since using the wrong strategies will exacerbate problem habits or even result in a bite in certain situations. Any “trainer” who does not list his or her technical certifications should be avoided.


Who Needs This Secret to using your dog’s natural intelligence to stop bad behavior?

Does any of the following sound familiar…

Your dog doesn’t listen to you

You need to train a new Puppy

Your dog barks uncontrollably

Your Dog is pulling on the leash

Your Dog is aggressive

Your Dog is chewing things he shouldn’t

Your Dog is digging all the time

Your Dog is Jumping up

You’re frustrated with your dog

You may even regret getting your Dog

You’re worried you might have to give up your Dog because of behavior problems you can’t handle

You feel helpless to control your dog

You tell your Dog ‘no’ with no success

Your Dog gets over excited and is hard to settle down

Your Dog is whining constantly

Your dog has a fear of certain sounds or stimuli or suffers from anxiety

You want a dog who obeys you

You want a better bond with your dog

You want less stress



Now Let’s Talk About Your Investment

You might expect to spend up to $350 per hour if you paid a trainer to teach your dog in person. It would cost $3,300 to hire a consultant for a whole day (which clients Happily pay for).

So, how much will you pay for a solution that would eradicate whatever negative behaviour you’re grappling with and transform your dog into a caring, loyal, well-behaved intelligent happy dog?

Ok, it’s not as many as you would imagine.

That isn’t even up to $300. That isn’t even up to $150. It’s not even $75, to be honest. For a limited time, you will get my whole dog training system, and the bonuses for $97 only $47!

What a steal! For just $47, you’ll get access to all of the materials, recordings, and my years of teaching experience.



  • This serves as the course’s basis. Your dog will learn how to use his incredible brain capacity to become obedient to your every order in this class. The following are some of the things you’ll find inside…
  • How to ‘Target Train’ the dog to keep his or her attention on you. (Targeting can also be used to get the dog to unlock doors, ring bells, or switch off lights.)
  • The’magic little way’ to allow your dog to look at your eyes so the contact is good and super obedience can be built on it.
  • A easy ‘airplane game’ to have your dog looking into your eyes and focused on you as a source of gratification and enjoyment.



It’s time to develop your dog’s abilities to use his senses to complete your orders now that he’s learned foundational instruction. You’ll find games that explore the following topics…

  • The ‘treasure search challenge’ that reconnects your dog with his evolutionary origins while also alleviating the ‘boredom’ that contributes to so many problem behaviors.
  • To keep your dog mentally stimulated and out of trouble, play the ‘muffin game.’
  • To deplete your dog’s energy to make him easy to deal with, play ‘the ball pit game.’ They’ll have a lot of fun and get plenty of exercise.



  • With the games below, the dog will practice discipline and impulse control…
  • Within ‘jazz up and slow down,’ you can learn how to easily calm down your dog after a period of high activity.
  • The bottle game will include mental relaxation as well as some exercise, which will make them perform better for you.
  • Bobbing for rewards will provide the dog with the enjoyment and reinforcement he requires for good behavior while also assisting in the removal of the fear of water.



  • You’ll improve your dog’s motor skills and his capacity to focus on your orders here.
  • You will find the following items inside:
  • To improve his emotional agility, he played the shell game.
  • Despite an open door, the open sesame game teaches patience and calmness.
  • To improve your patience and dexterity, play the magic carpet game.



  • You’ll be able to improve your dog’s intellect and patience here. You’ll probably be concentrating on assisting him with impulse control so that he will become a more well-behaved canine.
  • You will find the following items inside:
  • The game of hide and seek aids dogs who have trouble being alone by forming a close relationship between you and your dog.
  • Look at the game to keep dogs from barking at each other or at people from the window.
  • The hot and cold game will help your dog learn new things and gain trust.



  • Here, the dog can gain advanced coordination abilities and intellect, as well as the ability to follow your orders.
  • You will find the following items inside:
  • Impress your mates with your advanced leg-weaving skills.
  • Serpentines and spirals is a game that will make your dog stay by your side and follow your movements, no matter how random they may be.
  • To improve his learning abilities, your dog can learn to pick out toys by their names in this name recognition game.



  • Your dog has progressed to the level of a genius. Why not show off your dog’s abilities to stack bells, tidy his toys, and even play the piano to your friends?
  • You will find the following items inside:
  • The tidy up game teaches your dog how to clean up after himself when he’s done playing. This is a very impressive and practical trick.
  • The ring stackers game is a great way to improve your patience and ability.
  • That’s right, play the piano game. Your dog would play the piano on command.